8Dec, 2020

INCURABLE WITH COMPLICATED CASES (SIX PATIENTS IN ONE FAMILY) (1) ALLERGIC RHINITIS WITH BRONCHIAL ASTHMA, MRS J.V.KANOJIYA, 30 YEARS/F, CHHOTA UDAIPUR (sept-2019) 2) Constipation, Master D.Kanojiya, 9.5 years/M (Sept-2019) 3) Allergic Bronchitis, Breathlessness, Master A.Kanojiya, 10 years/M, (Nov-2019) 4) Headache, Synovitis, UTI, Renal stone, Gastritis, Mrs.S.Kanojiya, 50 years/F, (June-2020) 5) Gastritis, Mr.S.Kanojiya, 30 Years/M, (Aug-2020) 6) Cough, Mr.V.Kanojiya, 31 Years/M, (Aug-2020)

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1) A 30 years old female having a c/o Dry coughing on & off, Dyspnoea on least exertions especially in the morning and at night, allergies from lots of things, loss of appetite, constipation, sinusitis she is taking allopathic treatment and also using pump (inhaler)since 8 years, H/O Typhoid Fever and Renal stone at Rt side patient came here at Dr.Ghanshyam Homeo Clinic and taking advanced Homeopathic treatment and within a short period of time she is feeling much better and after a year she is not taking a pump […]

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